2017 - 2018 | Program Information
​  March 15, 2018 | Final Deadline to Order

  • To order online and design recognition ads go to: Pictavo

​  Orders / 5th Grade Recognition Ads

  • Yearbook cost | $25.00 
  • 5th Grade Recognition Ads | $10.00

For additional information please contact: yearbook@banyanpta.com.


​​​​Banyan Elementary School PTA

Newbury Park | California


Photography Guidelines


  • Each GRADE has a combined double page spread – this will be a mix of candid shot from that grade including fun events like spirit days, assembly, apple day, music, life cycle, field trips, holiday shows, 100th day, music van, missions, gingerbread house, etc.  THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING HAPPENING IN YOUR CLASSROOM, COMMUNICATE WITH THE ROOM PARENT TO FIND OUT THE UPCOMING EVENT. 

  • Candid shots should have a minimum of 3 students in the picture.

  • Each CLASS has a double page spread – one page consisting of portraits provided by Cornerstone, and the other page of candid shots specific to that class. 

  • Group shots of the whole class - for example a class photo of Halloween, Fun Run, or on the play structure.  Try to avoid pictures of a group of students sitting at their desk.

  • We will also want your help in identifying who the students in the pictures are.

Picture Quality & Format

Most camera pictures, especially of the class shots are not high enough quality and tend to be grainy in the book.  Please submit edited & cropped pictures if possible.  We need all shapes and sizes – landscape, portrait, square

Events to Cover

  • Picnic on the lawn

  • Family science night 

  • Family Reading Night

  • Class Field trips 

  • Family Nights | Movie, Art, etc.

  • Spirit Days | crazy hat, crazy hair, team day, pajama, Dr Seuss , etc.

  • Special Assemblies | Patriotic, etc.

  • Halloween

  • Bizarre Bazaar

  • Fun Run

  • Talent Show

  • Father-Daughter | Mother-Son Events

  • 5th grade Fulcrum & 5th grade Ronald Reagan

  • Women in History

Submit | Upload Pictures

  1. Please make sure pictures are cropped and ready to be used

  2. Go to Pictavo and log-on

  3. Select UPLOAD PHOTOS and SELECT PHOTOS to add

  4. Once uploaded, you can enter who’s in the photo, which classroom it belongs in and the date.​