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​​Banyan Elementary School PTA

 ​ 2021 | Program Information and Schedule

  January 11 | PAPERWORK DUE to front office

  January 22 | Virtual Performance DUE

                        Concession Order DUE | ORDER FORM

  Janury 29 | Concession Order PICK UP (as per order instructions)

                                   LIVE Virtual Talent Show**

      **Please note: Depending on the number of submissions, there may be two separate shows.
      If a second show is needed, the upper grade acts will be released the following Friday.

​​​​​​​​​VIRTUAL Talent Show


The Banyan Talent Show is open to all Banyan students Kindergarten - 5th grade.  

Please turn in the completed Talent Show Application Form [ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL] along with your music into the Banyan front office during business hours OR email to Banyan Talent Show Committee.


  1. This is an elementary school talent show. Please keep in mind the participants will range from age 5 – 11.  Content must be age appropriate.
  2. Costumes must meet school dress code requirements. If an exception needs to be made, the costume must be pre-approved by the​ Talent Show committee.
  3. All students must attend try-outs and rehearsals. These are mandatory.
  4. This is not a professional performance but an elementary school talent show, it is an opportunity for all students to gain confidence and performance skills.​
  5. The Talent Show Committee reserves the right to have final say on music, performance, and attire.
  6. Due to our Stay-At-Home order, we ask that performances are limited to family members only. (Collaborating a performance remotely is allowed upon review.)


  • All singers will sing to instrumental versions of their songs.
  • Solo songs are limited to 1:30 minutes in length.
  • Duets/group songs are limited to 2:00 minutes in length.


  • Please ensure that costumes are age appropriate for young students.
  • Solo dances are limited to 1:30 minutes in length.
  • Group dances are limited to 2:00 minutes in length.


  • Please state which instrument(s) you will be playing in the application form.
  • Musical pieces are limited to 2:00 minutes in length.

    Magic, Comedy, and Variety Acts

  • Please ensure that content is age appropriate for young students.
  • Solo routines are limited to 1:30 minutes in length.
  • Group routines are limited to 2:00 minutes in length.

​​    Emcees / Master of Ceremonies 

  • Emcees must be in 4th or 5th grade.
  • Students must also complete and submit the Talent Show Application Form.