​​​​Banyan Elementary School PTA

Newbury Park | California

  2018 | Program Information

  January TBD | Auditions

  January TBD | Rehearsal Schedule

  January 26 | Talent Show at Newbury Park High School

​​Talent Show


The Banyan talent show is open to all Banyan students K - 5th grade. In order to give as many students the best experience possible, we will try to get as many acts into the show as we can. Please follow the tips below in order to have a successful production. 


  1. Try-outs and rehearsals are for the participating students only. We ask that parents and siblings enjoy the free time.
  2. Students must attend try-outs and rehearsals in order to participate.
  3. Any number of students can perform in an act – the more the merrier!
  4. Students may only perform in ONE act.
  5. Kindergarten & 1st grade acts should be limited to 90 seconds, solo acts to 2 minutes and group acts 2½ minutes. 
  6. Singers must use karaoke versions of the song.  If they are unable to sing without the lyrics, please have them consider a different type of act. 
  7. Students are required to bring in all props, accompaniment music, sheet music, instruments, etc that are necessary for their act.  However, a Piano is available.
  8. Lyrics, costumes and performances should be compliant with school policy and appropriate for all audiences.  Music and performances will be screened for appropriateness.
  9. If multiple acts wish to perform the same song, all acts will be asked to select a NEW song to perform. 
  10. Most of all, remember this is an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOW, be CREATIVE and have FUN!  Unique acts are always AWESOME and APPRECIATED!!